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Just curious, are you still using that extension to try and fool FB? If so, try without it I hate facebook - poxy thing is freezing my pc when i go on it now Guests cannot see images in the messages.

Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images. I can thank my late father-in-law for that gem. He had a granddaughter that was a perpetual college student and after about a dozen years she earned her PHD.

He told her, upon hearing that news, to take her PHD and go dig him some holes for his fence and that was lost on her until he said she should put her Post Hole Digger to good use.

Guests cannot see images in the messages. Crusher might've been using "your" as a possessive adjective, instead of "you're" as a contraction. Tricky that Crusher Guests cannot see images in the messages.

Didn't look at the contextual stuff, strictly grammatically. That's what several days of looking at the same shouts will do - lol.

Besides, that was more a jab at the Canadian Postal Service with their long delays in delivering thingsimportant things from England with pointy ends and fun to toss at a round black and white board hanging on a wall.

No, just no. In this context he was stating "You are American, everything is hard to pronounce. Been debating "your" vs "you're" in this convo for several days.

Have concluded either will work in this case Guests cannot see images in the messages. Let's try this again. The "Grammar Police" are on patrol.

That would be "you're American" Gotcha Everything from the UK i got use to come through Halifax, wish it still did was alot quicker then Missasauga.

Looked up where the closest CBSA office was. Have the satisfaction of knowing they're losing money collecting taxes from me. But that's not their point I guess - lol.

I'll bet few know customs stuff better than Crusher. I'm like mc, get hit every time - lol. Only active members more than 5 posts can view the threads in here.

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He looked to be running away with it at up, but jose did find a break with an 11 darter. At the second interval it was Jose held and then broke with a sweet 92 which was 20, and 2 double 18s and held to lead for the first time in the game De Sousa missed 4 darts to break again in leg 16, in the next leg with left De Sousa hit 2 treble 20s and double 8 to bust his score, and when he came back missed the bull.

Is this why he is the "special one"? Shitlock failed to capitalize and De sousa hit the double with his 3rd dart on his 3rd visit Shitlocks game took a nosedive.

A great game with plenty of incidents with both around the 98 average mark. Jose took out 99 with 2 double tops to lead , and Simon was in the shit now and credit to him for holding with a checkout.

Jose with another checkout put him up, and when Shitlock missed 5 at tops to hold and Jose broke, it meant Jose was leading and throwing for the match, and Jose hit a maximum which left , and went for it for the match and missed the bull.

Shitlock hit a max to add pressure and with 2 darts for the match missed double 10 and left 5, he got another visit and missed another 2 match darts.

Shitlock made no mistake. With left in the next leg hit , to leave 32, and he hit it first dart, while Shitlock waited on tops.

This was yet another great game in what has been an absolute fantastic comp, all 4 quarters and now this semi final were all brilliant viewing.

I genuinely thought shitlock would win, and was glad to be wrong. De Sousa hitting The MVG curse as some called it, continued.

Jose held to lead for the first time in the final, and Wades scoring was awful where as Jose was rattling in maximums, and hit 2 more in his hold of throw to lead Wade hel but Jose again on his throw hit a maximum and was now averaging over with an 11 darter to lead going in to the interval.

Jose hit his 10th maximum on his way to breaking Wade's throw again, Wades scoring in comparison was the worst it was in the entire competition.

Wade was in serious trouble. Wade did break throw after the break with a 92 checkout, and took out to hold, to trail Jose hit yet another max on his throw, his 13th, to hold.

Wade held to trail by 2. Wade broke to prolong the agony for Wade fans, and threw a shit leg on throw but jose wrapped it up with a superb checkout.

That was it and the end of a fantastic competition with some of the best matches I have seen in year.

From the quarter finals onward this was possibly the best competition I have seen. Out came some bint in leopard print, a sure sign of a housing estate bred munter over the age of Uncle Barry nowhere to be seen.

Jose de Sousa totally deserved his win, and someone who is a great watch and character and great addition in the top 16 and fabulous scorer.

It was Wade's lowest scoring of the comp, and he was piss poor, which he acknowledged in his interview, but no one could deny Jose was the better player and was a great story, It made people more hungry for more darts.

It was Wades second time losing in the final to a carpenter Carpenters 2 Mechanics 0. What made this all the more brilliant was during the comp it was Bellyboy,Chizzy, White and others that Sky were hyping, those English choking pricks who would never do anything but make up the numbers, so seeing a "foreigner" outside the top 30 come in and even beat Bellyboy on the way to picking up a huge title, shows how retarded it was hyping those English chokers.

De Sousa showed why he has more bottle and backbone than the 3 stooges of White, Smith and Chizzy. Then the DRA is headed up by an ex british copper so hardly surprising he is racist towards Irish, most British pigs are.

Friday, November 20, This week he again showed what a slimy vile prick he is yet again, Jonathan Worsley posted this on facebook after he was kicked out of Saturdays winter Series event.

PDC one rule for one, another rule for another". Worsley then deleted his comment and posted this. James Wade upset people yet again this week with some more of his opinions Here.

I said it weeks ago on this blog, that the likes of dancing Dimi would not have won the Matchplay were it held in a full Winters Garden with the heat and the crowd, and I am convinced Durrant would not be winning with averages in the 80s on finals night of the PL in a full arena full of thousands of people.

One of the most common moans across social media towards the Slam oddly comes from the most retarded cunts on Earth, the bdo mushrooms.

These inbred defective cunts that need sterilizing complain there are not enough bdo begging scum in the event, as if the bdo had any say in the matter.

I have seen in the past people even claim it should be 16 bdo against 16 PDC, as if the bdo paid half the costs, put up half the prize money, or even provided quality players.

It is commonly known I would prefer all the bdo beggars be fucked out for ever, and if you want to play PDC go to Q-school and get your card.

The PDC is a business not a fucking charity to the begging scum of the bdo. When players like Daryl Gurney are not good enough to qualify, why should the PDC invite players from the BDO, players like the fat egomaniacal Farmer Mitchell or the suspect looking Welsh prick Jim Williams, players who could not even get through Q-school.

I was then looking forward to the excuses made for Wayne Warren when he loses, and make no mistake he will lose, I dont mind Wayne, in much the same way I did not mind Durrant, Bunting, Webster etc for winning the bdo shitty tin pot, my issue has always been your inbred mushroom who thinks they are something special, when in reality they are just amateur players winning a 2 bit mickey mouse amateur title.

Anyone who thinks that heap of shit is a "world title" is mentally crippled. When Suzuki and Warren get dumped out early, which they will, just watch the excuses flow.

The "Covid meant he lost match sharpness" or the "he was out of form" excuses will be pumped out quicker than a munter throwing scores of As for the draw Group E with Wright, White, Petersen, van Duijvenbode looked the toughest group to pick the 2 that would qualify, with Petersen out of form as quick as he was in it, and Whites record for shitting himself when he spots a tv camera.

Group F with Wade, Durrant, Wattimena, Heta looked as tough also as Durrant has been playing shit, but Wattimena and Heta were putting in good performances in the winter Series.

It was also the only group that had 3 players in the PDC top 25, and Heta the better of the Pool 4 players. Group H looked like the most obvious group where the 2 qualifiers would come from.

A group that had Aspinall, Dimitri, Evans and Warren. The afternoon session started with Rob Cross against Justin Pipe and I missed it, and made no effort to get home in time either, saw that Rob won and that was enough.

In the second game Chizzy got lucky, he usually loses those games, but glad though as sick of that pot bellied, bearded and married "youth player" in comps.

It was the only reason he was in this comp. Wade was very impressive and beat Heta, but no interview to rile up people.

Durrant was absolutely woeful. We were told Durrant is one of the best in the world, but don't recall the real greatest players ever being this atrocious.

He lost first round in 4 of the 5 days of the Winter Series, and against Wattimena in the Slam lost and averaged 78 and had only 6 3 figure scores in 6 legs.

Durrant was never one of the greatest in the World, people are hoodwinked by the likes of Mardle bullshitting them, that said Durrant should be better than what he was.

So the former "bdo world champ" got his arse handed to him, and next up was the current "bdo world champ" Wayne Warren, against Nathan Aspinall who had a poor Winter Series.

Now we would see what the BDO players would provide to this comp Those excuses I wrote about on forums before the comp started, were now emerging as the "he is out of match practice" or the "he has not played in months".

Warren was lucky to even average 70 as he was hammered He did not even get a dart at a single double. Tell me again how there should be more BDO beggars in this comp.

The "out of practice" excuse kept coming, oddly no one brought up how he dodged Q-school and could have played in that and the challenge tour.

Seriously if the PDC want people to take the Slam seriously, they need to end this invite to beggars who simply are not good enough.

Year after year, excuse after excuse is made for these useless cunts I don't blame Warren for turning up and taking the money on offer, he is damn right, but he is suppose to be a dart player, has he not got a dart board at home?

The fact is he should never have been invited. Dimitri beat Ricky Evans , and Dimitri averaged Evans played well with Last up in the session was the sulky whiny Anderson who was awful but still won, It was not Durrant type bad, or Warren type bad, but was still bad then had another whinge in his interview, maybe dropping to world 13 upset him.

That said, on the plus side, a good post match interview is always good for stirring things up, look at wade recently. I rather watch car crash interviews than the usual generic shit we so often get.

Wade said in his interview which I saw on youtube, that a player from the PDC top ten approached him and quizzed him over his recent comments.

Considering Bellyboy,Chizzy and Ian Shite are all now in the PDC top ten, I reckon its one of those 3 useless cunts who never won a thing that had the hump and went crying to Wade.

Shows what a cunt that player was, Wade should have told them to fuck off loser. Evening session: John Part has gone from someone who used to average a ton to now weighing a ton, he seriously needs to go on a diet.

The only 2 munters in the comp were in those matches. Top 10 players likes Cross, Wade and Chizzy were put in the afternoon session, so the prime slot could go to munters who were always going to lose.

The prime slots as TV companies call them should have went to the games that promised far more not one sided affairs.

I wrote this on a forum before the session even started. First up was Clayton and Joyce which was a belter of a game going all 9 legs with Clayton winning.

Clemens saw off Joe Cullen in another quality affair where both averaged As I predicted another great game Then we had De Sousa against Ratajski, a slower affair but quality darts yet again.

Imagine that. Up next we had munter 1 of the night, the Munter that had a competition specifically set up so she could be there because she was unable to qualify otherwise, against a guy who gets more like Andy Fordham each passing day.

As a member on the forum wrote. I have no problem with Ashton taking the spot if its on offer, and she is the best munter player in my opinion, my argument is there should never be a munter qualifier if the PDC is unisex in the first place.

Had she qualified by right alonside the other tourcard holders I would be hoping for an Ashton win, but not when she has no right being involved in the comp.

She has no place in the comp, alongside the invite beggars of the BDO. She lost obviously, even if she did average almost 18 points higher than Wayne Warren.

Thunder Thighs tuner told us Ashton had a good year on the floor Then we had the vile cunt Hunchback the wimp,the officials "favorite", up against one of the worst qualifiers Adam Hunt.

Like the Bellyboy Ashton game, this was another one sided game, as I predicted. Then we had the Welsh Manlet versus Suzuki, and even when Suzuki took out , which was on her throw and needed,to lead , there was never any doubt Price was still going to win I thought, and Price broke, but credit to Suzuki she took out to break back and had the throw for the match.

To be fair, Price was awful, and Suzuki had 4 darts for the win. In fact it was not until Suzuki left a double I first thought she could win, that was how confident was Price was winning.

I would have liked to have seen her beat the little manlet and soften his cough, and would no doubt be a blow to his inflated ego.

As for Suzuki, the last time a Jap choked this much the Enola Gay was on her way home from a successful mission. Some people were crying Vermin was not giving enough praise to Suzuki, but he was right, he played shit and she wont bother the other male players if they play their usual game.

The reality is Munters need the male players to play shit to have a chance of winning, or a crowd putting off players. Krusty played Dirk next, and Dirk threw away the first leg, one he should have won with ease, and despite missing 7 doubles was leading Made that group very interesting now.

We got a video promo for Ian white with slogans appearing on the screen, White was called a "Giant Destroyer". Of What? Viewing figures?

A statement saying he "Handles the Heat", I shit you not Then came the phrase "thrives under pressure" That had to be some inside joke where they were taking the piss.

Seems the PDC are to blame for not inviting the roofer to play in the Winter Series, a comp for tourcard holders.

These bdo cunts have some sense of entitlement. Olly Croft once said he did not owe the BDO players a living, Uncle Barry most certainly does not either to the bdo beggars.

The inbred simpleton then claimed Wayne Warren went to q-school, which showed how completely retarded this cunt is. Make no mistake had he gone to Q-school he would have failed there too, just like Jim Williams, Scott Mitchell and other vastly over rated pub players.

The simpleton got owned so much he had to delete tweets. Gabriel Clemens missed 2 darts to win a leg on his throw, and was soon down to the vile cunt hunchback, who broke Clemens again and was throwing for a win, but Clemens did manage to break before Hunchback broke yet again for a win.

Up next we had 2 Welsh shortarses, in a battle of the coal scavengers, guess being short is a bonus if your heritage was crawling around in mines.

Clayton led before Price woke up and leveled it , then each player broke again, but when Clayton missed 3 darts at tops to break and lead , it was Price throwing for the win and that was it, not the best quality but entertaining enough for 2 pit ponies.

De Sousa and Smith started off brilliant. Jose played well but Bellyboy scored like a cunt, hitting 4 maximums in the first 4 legs. Smith won as Jose's game then went to shit and was unable to live with the scoring of Bellyboy who finished with a There was 8 maximums in the 7 legs.

The scruffy cunt started with 2 maximums, had multiple darts at a double and missed them all. He lost the first 2 legs, missing 9 darts at a double and was averaging just 80 despite the 2 maximums.

Shitlock was down and with just one dart at tops to save the match and Gawlas waiting on tops, Shitlock hit the tops in a 77 finish, for the break, then he held and broke again and leveled the match with a hold of throw as Gawlas went to utter shit.

Shitlock scored brilliantly, and won despite missing 17 doubles. Up next we had Dismal Dave against the boring as fuck Justin Pipe It was actually a decent quality match, and Pipe should have led instead of trailing It would not be a Chizzy match without a heap of missed doubles, think it was something like 34 missed doubles between them in the 7 legs, an average of almost 5 missed doubles a leg.

Wade and Durrant was atrocious stuff for the first 4 legs, we were told Durrant was out of form, but it seemed like both were as bad as each other, but Wade then woke up and averaged well in excess of a ton as he ran out I enjoyed Mardle on comms, for the sole reason of listening to him make excuse after excuse for Durrant.

Make no mistake Covid will be used by Mardle and and the mushrooms as an excuse for everything.

Why has Durrant not won a ranking major in 2 years? He had covid. Why has the so called one of the best in the world failed in every semi final?

It will be used despite the fact Durrant was failing long before he got covid or even covid happened. I will say it again, durrant is a good player, but was never one of the best in the world, his performances show that.

I would like for him to find form again, he is a top 20 player, even if he is not among the true elite. Dimitri against the bdo "World Pro" followed.

After 2 legs the averages were , against So was a surprise when Warren broke in the third leg. Dimitri missed double 12 for a 9 darter to win the match.

Dimitri finished with an average of , a whole 30 points more than Wayne Warren. I think Warren seems a decent lad, and don't begrudge him the few quid, especially after he got fucked over by scumbag Des and the BDO, but the reality is, he is simply not good enough, and they can hype "bdo world pro" for he and Suzuki but it don't matter a fuck, they offer nothing in terms of quality.

Wattimena against Heta for a qualifying spot was a poor quality game. Heta missed a match dart to win , and went to a ninth leg. Heta missed another match dart for the win, only for Wattimena then to miss 3 match darts.

Heta made no mistake in his next visit. Good end to a poor game. Searle against the sulky Scot was a quality affair, with the Scot winning , with Searle averaging Ando qualified as runner up in the group and was due to play MVG, which suited me fine.

Aspinall played Evans in a winner takes all qualifier. Evans wore a very light colored gray pants, that had zero bearing on the game, but would not surprise me if the DRA Nazi Party found some excuse to fine him under the dress code, as we have seen in the past for others who did not comply to their "uniform" rules.

This was a fast paced game as expected with 2 players I enjoy watching, although Ricky's speed sometimes seems it does him more damage than good.

It was funny as Russ Bray was calling out , Ricky hit another in quick time that Russ had to rush his call.

Evans scored like a lunatic hitting 6 maximums but could not hit a double with just one double out of Its all well and good scoring like that at that speed, but when you rush doubles and hitting fuckall, you wont go far.

Aspinall won in a game that should have been far closer. Last up was Rob Dross against Fluke Humphries.

Zero interest in this and only later that night I got around to watching it. Decent standard but two players that bore me. Fluke had a dart to break at down but missed and Cross wrapped it up.

Fluke like Ryan Searle lost with a average. That said she did not embarrass herself and averaged 83, and whilst that 83 was hardly great, it was higher than some averages by Glen Durrant and Wayne Warren the so called former "world pros".

A win would send Bellyboy out. Bellyboy had an almost average despite being poor on doubles. Clayton against Suzuki was another one sided game where comms hyped the munter but their bullshit was not fooling anyone.

Mardle told us how missing big numbers at this level will get you punished, proving the fact the munters are not at this level.

Thunder Thighs turner on comms said when Suzuki was down that Suzuki was out of the comp, no shit Ssherlock!

Coal scavenger 2 romped home to put himself in the last This was a belting start, Price broke with a checkout, Joyce broke back with a checkout.

When Joyce held to lead , they were both averaging Joyce took out to break and lead , and was chucking for the game.

Vermin broke after Joyce missed a dart at the bull for the win. Vermin then held with an awesome scoring leg, and it was a last leg decider.

Price hit a max and Joyce was in trouble as Price's scoring was too much, as Joyce crumbled. Price was in the ropes and pulled it out, and possibly the best game of the comp to that point.

Price had a average. Then we had Ian shite against Dirk van Divingboard, and White had to win big to have any hope, and the mongo looking played awesome, won with an average of Petersen needed to win or better to send Krusty out, and see White claim the runner up spot, Devon missed darts to break and lead , but Krusty was atrocious and gave Devon more chances.

Krusty was 1 from 13 on doubles and averaging on the 70s and down in no time, Krusty did hold to take a second leg, but it was all in vain.

The competition is poorer with White in it instead of Krusty as we know Krusty has the spinal column and nerve to actually lift a trophy, its only a matter of when Ian Shite is going to shit himself.

As for Devon, he has some fucking ego for a cunt that has won fuckall in the game and for him to point out the faults of others who have been successful shows how big an ego he has.

Wade was right what he said about Petersen at the European championships how he needs to wins things first, and then Wade proceeded to beat Devon.

I think the bookies are starting to believe the hype and bullshit of the comms. Joe Cullen was not only needing to pick up a win against KotW winner and crying wimp MVG, he also needed jobber hunt to pick up as many legs as possible, or preferably a win.

Only a or better could save Hunt, and Clemens led and his game then went to shit as Hunt rattled of the next 5 for a win that was not expected.

Hunt now was favorite to qualify if MVG won. A defeat would be enough for Cullen, but that was unlikely on the form of wimpy Hunchback.

The Hunchback did not start well but still managed to lead , but Cullen got lucky and got a break to trail , and had to depend on MVG to miss even more doubles for him to hold to level the game.

MVG held on his throw, so all Cullen needed was to hold for and he was through and started with a maximum,and left 93 after MVG was on After 3 days of group matches it was an enjoyable event, The only shocks were the World Champion Wright getting knocked out, and we came close to reigning Champion Vermin Price going out and Hunt finishing above Cullen.

As I said earlier the comp is poorer with Wright and Cullen out, as hunt and White are only there to make up the numbers. Gone were the bdo beggars that were rimmed by Mardle and Thunder Thighs, gone were the munters that were hyped to shit, gone was Glen Durrant who had excuse after excuse made for him.

These were not shocks nor surprises, we all knew the muters, bdo etc offered fuckall. I knew Durrant was struggling and expected him to go out but did not expect him to be that bad.

But fret not, comms might have lost Durrant, the beggars and the munters etc, but they still had plenty of others they could kiss the hole of, they had token black player Petersen for pc purposes, and of course their own clique of favorites which included the Wimpy hunchback and the sulky Scot..

Choke of the Groups had to go to Cullen for the complete mess he made, it would be even funnier only for Hunt going through meant his match with Shitlock would be a write off.

Now the business end of this comp was starting. So no surprise Ando and Aspinall, 2 of Sky favorites who played on the Wednesday got another night off and did not have to play on the Friday, yet the other players like Wade Shitlock and Chizzy was not afforded the same luxury.

Another thing that annoyed me was the return of the advert breaks after 5 legs. I would prefer they played the entire match and take extra long adverts at the start and end, it kills the mood.

First up was Dimitri who was average after 4 legs, but Clayton got a break of throw just before the adverts. Dimitri was running amok, and Clayton was lucky Dimi missed a heap of darts to lead , Clayton made it to , but Dimi even missing doubles was too strong and led Seemed inevitable this would be wrapped up in the third session and sure enough Dimi wrapped it up , and despite 15 missed doubles averaged over Wade against White was pretty shit for the first 2 sessions, with neither player doing anything special.

White missed a rake of doubles to make it 8 holds of throw in a row, before Wade broke to lead Wade then missed tops and White broke back and after 7 holds of throw there was the third break of throw with Wade leading Wade had just 6 x s in the first ten legs but Wade came out in the third session and soon found his scoring and Wade hit 6 x s in the next 3 legs.

Wade then missed 3 darts for , but White shit himself with 3 darts at a double, and he did not get another shot at a double in the game.

Wade won despite having the lower average. I was surprised White averaged Wade winning and his interview again upset countless simpletons across social media.

Long may it continue. Scruffy cunt Shitlock against Hunt was next and Shitlock broke early and legs went with the throw, with Shitlock leading at the second interval.

It was turgid shit, with the scruffy cunt beating the jobber Hunt. MVG who should beat Ando easily will dispose of Shitlock with ease in the last 8.

That 87 average of Shitlock wont be troubling anyone in the next round. Chizzy and De Sousa looked very tasty on paper, but was a slow poor start.

In one leg De Sousa with 63 left and 2 darts, went for 25 double 19, instead of 13 bull. Jose got another go and broke back and then held, in the fifth leg Jose was on 70 left and went 1, 19, and then big If it was a miscount, and he though it was 40 or even 36 left, he still hit the big 18 in the middle.

How he fucked up that count is beyond me. If he deliberately hit 18 to leave 32, thinking Chizzy would miss all 3 darts at a double, it was insane, it was the ultimate fuck you!

Jose came back and hit the 32 to lead Bizarre stuff. Jose came out after the interval and continued his steady form as Chizzy imploded This was Ian Shite sort of choking, I thought Chizzy was going to cry at one stage.

I like Chizzy, but the cunt has the backbone of a jellyfish, and I even felt sorry for him. Dan Dawson on twitter mocked Chizzy about his intelligence and mind games, but deleted it soon after.

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Klavier Spielen - Yokee Piano. Hey, viele sind der Meinung, dass man Dart nur abends in der verrauchten Kneipe beim Feierabend-Bier spielt. Bewertung: Aufsicht empfohlen. Zugelassen sind nur Personen aus den UK Risikostufen 1 Mein Gmail Anmeldung 2. Nickel is a lot more durable than brass. Weight: 20g Barrel material: Nickel-plated stainless steel Barrel size: 3. Again, Wp Der Westen all comes down Brantford Casino Poker experimentation until you find the perfect barrel, weight, grip, and flight. Plastic or nylon shafts tend to be inexpensive and easy to use. The diagonal measurements may be used in both cases for a faster way to mark the position of the oche. Dart Forum - tandtfishingcharters.com - Das tandtfishingcharters.com Dart Forum. News & Aktuelles · News & Aktuelles: Liveticker & Ergebnisse. Ergebnisdienst von Dartwettkämpfen der. Die größte und aktuellste deutsche Dart Webseite: tagesaktuelle Dart News, Dart WM, Dartprofis Spielerprofile, Dart Forum, Terminkalender, Videos. Berliner Liga Dart Forum has members. Wir freuen uns über eure tollen Beiträge und Spielberichte hier, aber zum besseren Verständnis schreibt. Diese App benötigt die Berechtigung zum Zugriff auf: Netzwerk-Sockets öffnen; PowerManager WakeLocks, um zu verhindern, dass der Prozessor in den. Made that group very interesting now. You did not choose Sonderspiele Ch color you are, what sex, you are, or where you were born. Bellyboy got lucky that Jose missed 3 darts at a double Frankreich Brasilien Frauen break or he was really in the shit. Then we came to this part, which has to be possibly the most 15 Free No Deposit thing I have ever read from someone who is thinks he knows anything about darts, he wrote :. MVG held with a checkout to trail at the first interval. Thing is I don't actually Nuri Sardinen him on comms, as compared to the morons like Nicholson, Dwason and Mardle, he moves up the Five Star Games Free without evening opening his mouth. Shitlock hit 20 maximums, and we were told it was incredible scoring In fact it was not until Suzuki left a double I first thought she could win, that was how confident was Price was winning. Chizzy scored well, and his 96 average would have far better were it not for his poor doubling. YesterdayPM by Getagrip. Kritik, Verbesserungsvorschläge, Panda Shop etc.


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